Saturday, October 27, 2018

Oct 27th update & summary

Friday/Saturday updates ...


MI Stabenow +6
MO Hawley +4
TX Cruz +6

Poll-based Odds for Senate Control: 0.0%D

PredictIt markets
minor changes 

Market-based Odds for Senate Control 0.6%D

Analyst Senate ratings changes:
10/23 Cook:
NJ-Menéndez Lean D »»» Toss Up

10/26 Inside Elections:
OH-Brown   Lean D »»» Safe D
PA-Casey   Lean D »»» Safe D
WI-Baldwin Lean D »»» Safe D


House ratings changes:
10/23 - Cook 10 changes: 8 in D direction
10/25 - Sabato 16 changes: 12 in D direction 
10/26 - Inside Elections 18 changes: 15 in D direction

The probability that the Democrats win the House based on each analyst's current ratings and the historical accuracy of the analyst's ratings.
80.8%D Cook 
65.0%D Inside Elections
82.8%D Sabato 
77.5%D RCP