Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Oct 23 update

From late 10/22 and 10/23 we have the following:


10/22 - IN  Donnelly +1
10/22 - ND  Cramer +16

10/22 - WV  Manchin +16

10/23 - IN  Braun +4
10/23 - MS  Wicker +28
10/23 - MS2 Hyde-Smith +9

Odds remain: 0.0%D

PredictIt markets
largest changes: 
IN 46%D down from 56%D 
ND 15%D down from 21%D
Odds based on PredictIt markets: 0.8%D down from 1.3%D
Analyst ratings
ND Heitkamp  Lean R »»» Likely R
WV Manchin   Lean D »»» Likely D
Odds based on RCP ratings remain: 0.0%D

AK-01  Likely R »»» Lean R 
AZ-08  Safe R   »»» Likely R 
FL-06  Likely R »»» Lean R
FL-15  Lean R   »»» Toss Up 
FL-27  Toss Up  »»» Lean D 
IL-12  Toss Up  »»» Lean R 
NY-23  Safe R   »»» Likely R 
OK-05  Safe R   »»» Likely R 
TX-22  Likely R »»» Lean R 
TX-31  Lean R   »»» Likely 
Odds based on Cook ratings remain: 80.8%D up from 76.4%D

IL-12  Toss Up  »»» Lean R 
OK-05  Safe R   »»» Likely R 
Odds based on RCP ratings remain: 74.2%D up from 77.5%D