Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Official LPR Projection: Republicans will win the House

LatestPollResults.com is officially calling the House of Representatives for the Republicans in the 2016 elections!  In fact, the GOP is essentially certain to capture the House of Representatives according to our model, which incorporates PredictIt live data and PredictWise data when PredictIt data is not available.

Only LatestPollResults.com is able to directly calculate the overall odds of victory in the House, as we are incorporating 129 individual probabilities into our model - seemingly a computational impossibility.

As you can see, the most likely possibility is that the Democrats will have 204 votes... leaving the entire distribution chart solid red, and the GOP majority at 231, down 16 seats from 2014.  This leaves their likely majority very similar to their 2012, the last Presidential election year.

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